Why Pipcoin is not what it says it is.

Pipcoin is not a cryptocurrency.
Pipcoin is a highly-organised scam & ponzi/pyramid scheme that markets itself as a cryptocurrency, but operates in the same manner as known Ponzi schemes such as MMM.

Pipcoin does not provide a valid explanation for where their 35% interest per month comes from*. In July 2016 Pipcoin stated that it switched to a 'full' cryptocurrency, yet no legitimate blockchain is available, mining software is sold to users (for cash, as their scam-coins are worthless), and the price of the scam-coin is fixed by the group running the scheme.

* the group used this HYIP system from February - July 2016, while still calling it a 'cryptocurrency'.

You may never get your money back

There are countless risks associated to investing in Ponzi schemes and scams of this nature, and you will have no recourse to get your money back. Scam-coins are effectively worthless.

Highly Insecure

Email addresses, passwords and OTPs can (and have been) accessed and used by hackers.


Pipcoin is not a true cryptocurrency and is still a scam, leaving vulnerable people in poverty.

Logging in should be the last thing you should be worried about right now.

"I've invested in the Pipcoin scam, what should I do now?"

You have lost your money - 'selling' coins simply means scamming someone to buy your worthless coins.

Open a case of fraud at the SAPS, report it to the South African Reserve Bank and FSB. Let your friends and family know, and provide followers of Pipcoin with the facts.